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Golden Sand Cup - Charity Results

August 15, 2018

Golden Sand Cup - Charity Results

 This summer, we kicked off the first annual Golden Sands Cup around the country. It is a four-part series of challenges designed to improve employee culture, give back to the community, and aid in the health and wellness of our employees.

In July, all of our offices volunteered their times with charities, helping to make a difference in their local communiites. Check out the photos and charities below from each of our offices volunteer days.

The four-part compeition is well underway. Points are awarded based upon the percentage of employees who participate in each challene. 

The standings from the first component are as follow:

First Place (3 PointsDallas & Los Angeles 

Second Place (2 PointsMiami 

Third Place (1 PointLakeland 

Fourth Place Atlanta & Richmond 

Fifth Place Houston 

Golden Sands Cup Charity