Staying ahead of the curve has always been a Golden Sands directive and has resulted in opportunities in the energy sector.

Golden Sands’ related company, American Business Continuity Group, has brought Omni-Threat Structures ™ to market. These scalable, cost-effective hardened buildings provide critical protection from the potential devastation of High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP), Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI), Emanations Eavesdropping (TEMPEST), terrorist ballistic / blast attacks and natural disasters.

Omni-Threat Structures™ (OTS) are configurable to levels of protection that range from natural disasters to terrorist threats aimed at critical infrastructure. First tier markets for the buildings are power generation and distribution facilities, the military, and financial institutions, among others.

Omni-Threat Structures, breakthrough shielding compliant buildings, were developed as an option to higher cost structures that utilize traditional methods of EMP protection that require separate metal structures within a building. Omni-Threat Structures are single structures that combines the physical security of concrete with electromagnetic shielding.  “The elimination of the building within the building negates the need for separate architecture, engineering and specialized construction,” said Peter Fedele, Omni-Threat Structures’ CEO.

Specific to the power grid, Omni-Threat Structures offer secure storage of replacement electronic devices including test equipment and diagnostic sensors for a grid black start. Facilities that are particularly vulnerable include regional command centers, substations, disaster recovery facilities, operations control buildings and SCADA Rooms (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Omni-Threat Structures ™ are also ideally suited to secure critical aspects of the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure. 

Military applications for the structures include physically secure / hardened facilities such as TEMPEST data-communications centers, command and control operation centers and facilities to protect high-value assets such as aircraft.

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